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live masterclass: THURSDAY, Nov 2nd
it's time to start working less and earning more.
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Hi! I'm Amy and I am a business coach on a mission to help entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, and consultants build profitable online businesses WITHOUT subscribing to the all-too-prevalent "hustle-culture" mentality. 

Building your own business can be one of the most rewarding decisions that you will ever make. But, if done incorrectly, it can put you on the fast track to overwhelm, frustration, and burnout! I know because I have been there! And, I don't want that to be your story. 

That is why I created this masterclass

The 6 essential elements Masterclass

Join me for this 60-minute masterclass where we will cover the six essential elements to building an online coaching business that allows you to say "adios" to hustle-culture and "hello" to ease, abundance, and joy!


During this class, we will be taking a broad look at all six elements and then diving deep into one: clarifying your niche. You will walk away with a clear understanding of exactly WHO you serve and HOW you serve them so that you can start streamlining your coaching business and setting it up for ultimate scalability!

this is for you if...

This class is for you if you LOVE entrepreneurship and couldn't dream of doing anything besides being your own boss, but you never knew it would be SO exhausting. (Hint: It doesn't have to be!)


It's for you if you are looking for ways to streamline your coaching or consulting business so that you can finally have time for all of the other good stuff of life: family, friends, hobbies, and self-care to name a few! 

It's for you if you are ready to be part of something bigger- to prove to yourself and others that the old ways of viewing business ("You have to work hard if you want to get ahead") are just plain WRONG and are costing us in major ways!

It's time for a revolution! 

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