Fueling your body with healthy, whole foods is just as important as the physical activity that you do (possibly even more important...). There is a saying, "You can't out-exercise a poor diet." I agree 100%. As a busy entrepreneur, however, I know that it can be REALLY HARD to consistently find the time to prepare healthy food options and also fit in exercise, laundry, dishes, housework.... really, the list could go on. I need quality AND convenience when it comes to food, so I am always on the lookout for companies that are doing it well. My personal favorites are listed below.


Daily Harvest: Game. Changer. I discovered Daily Harvest in April 2021 and am SO glad that I did. I have sampled nearly all of their meals and shakes and have been so impressed. I rely on their shakes to get in my daily dose of fruits and veggies each morning and I typically have one of their Harvest Bowls in the afternoon for lunch. Why do I love them so much? All of their products are plant-based and organic. The ingredients are frozen right at the farm and shipped to you, so they are beyond fresh. All of the shakes, harvest bowls, soups, and oat bowls can be made in 5 minutes or less (talk about convenient!) As well, their price point is very reasonable for the quality of food that they offer. And, very importantly, their food is delicious! I have already found my personal favorites and would be happy to share if you are interested in trying them out. As well, you are able to receive $25 off your first box with my personal referral code at checkout. Code: RE-8K7L228 You can receive the same discount and explore their products by clicking here.


Natural Force: Natural Force is my go-to company when it comes to whey-based protein powder. They offer high-quality products that are crafted with clean ingredients. As well, their product packaging is made of non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. I use either their chocolate whey protein or their vanilla whey protein after each workout. To purchase Natural Force whey, you can click here for chocolate or here for vanilla. Enjoy!

NAKED Nutrition: NAKED is another company that prides themselves on clean ingredients. In fact, their slogan is "nutrition with nothing to hide." I use their casein protein each night before bed to ensure that I have an adequate amount of this slow-digesting form of protein to fuel my muscle growth and recovery as I sleep. That powder can be found here.

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