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Welcome, friend!

Thank you for your interest in Amy Kuphal Fitness. In order to be able to help clients near and far, I provide both virtual and in-person options for many of my programs and services.

Let me help you achieve your fitness goals!

When it comes to finding the right personal trainer for you, it is important to find someone that is a great match for both your personality as well as your fitness needs. To help you best determine if I am your match, I wanted to share a bit about myself as well as the types of clients that I typically work with. 

Personality: I am someone who loves a good laugh..... like, tears streaming down your face, can't catch your breath, laugh. I am a mix of goofy and serious (taking my work seriously, but not being overly serious in life). I am straight-forward and "tell-it-like-it-is" and love when my clients do the same. I believe very strongly in open and honest communication in order to achieve success. I am optimistic and forward-thinking. I value family, creativity, deep conversations, and supporting others in achieving their goals. I tend to vibe best with people who are the "over-sharer/lay it all on the line/open book" types. Why hide your true self? Life is too short for that!

Fitness Skill Areas: Throughout my career in the fitness industry, there are a few client types that have emerged as a great match for both my skills and interests. 

#1) Individuals aged 30+ who are new to exercise or have been away from strength training for a period of time: The importance of strength training as we age cannot be understated. After age 30, the average person loses 5 pounds of muscle mass per decade. Helping to empower my clients in their 30's through 90's combat this muscle loss and improve the quality of their lives brings me immense joy. It is never too late to start making a significant impact on your health and wellbeing through strength training. 

#2) Individuals with an orthopedic injury or surgery in their history: Whether the injury was 6 months ago or decades ago, injuries and surgeries to the musculoskeletal system can have a long-term impact on your ability to move well and live a pain-free life. It is not uncommon for pain or stiffness in one region of the body to stem from an injury in another seemingly "unrelated" area. Through a combination of strength training and flexibility training, I work with clients to arrive at a place where their body no longer limits their activities, sports, or daily living. 

#3) Pregnant and postpartum mamas: Maintaining or beginning your fitness routine during the pregnancy or postpartum period has a number of benefits to both mom and baby, including lower incidence of preterm birth, gestational diabetes, diastasis recti, and postpartum depression. However, a fitness program must be designed specifically for this time in order to ensure the highest level of safety for both mom and baby. Additional study specific to prenatal and postpartum fitness as well as careful consideration by the trainer in exercise selection and intensity is a must during these 9-months and beyond. 

#4) Business owners and entrepreneurs: As a business owner, you are already a superhero in my book. You are the type of person that I love being around. You are a hard worker who consistently makes things happen. You see opportunities where others see none. You are creative. You are passionate. And, you are driven. If you are anything like me though, you are BUSY! You know keeping healthy is important, but you don’t have countless hours to devote to figuring out the exact fitness plan that will get you to your goals while also decreasing your risk of injury. The good news? That is where I come in. Allow me to help you customize a fitness plan that fits your unique lifestyle and allows you to increase your energy and confidence while saving your time. 

I look forward to working with you! 

Program & Pricing Options


1:1 Personal Training Sessions (50 min):  $125/hour

Group Training (50 min): 

        2 people: $70 per person per session

        3 people: $60 per person per session

        4 people: $50 per person per session

        5 people: $40 per person per session

        6 people: $35 per person per session

Newly Redesigned Foundations of Strength Training Program!

        This program combines the best of both worlds- 1:1 time with a trainer as well as workouts that you can complete on your own. To learn all about this program (including outcomes and pricing), download the free Level 01 guidebook below.

*The fully virtual version of Foundations of Strength Training will be available September 2023. If this is the option that would best fit your lifestyle, please reach out to me and I will add you to the waitlist. 

Want additional savings?

Insurance Discounts: Many insurance companies offer discounts or cash back at the end of the year for personal training services.

Referrals: One of the greatest drivers of any business is word-of-mouth referrals. Because of this, I offer referral incentives for all personal training and stretch program clients. For every friend or family member that you refer to join a program, I will gift you with $50.00 cash! (*Cash provided once friend or family member completes their 6th session). 

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