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Pocket-Sized Fitness (Coming Soon!)

As part of the onboarding process for every new client that I work with within my business, I have them fill out a Lifestyle and Health History Questionnaire. This form enables me to get a good sense of each person’s starting point and what they are hoping to gain from working with me in the personal training, nutrition counseling, or behavior change coaching capacity. This form is incredibly helpful as I build each individual’s fitness program, but I have recently discovered another important use of the form: viewing it as part of a collective. Over the past week, I have spent time rereading these forms in order to observe themes. (As unique as we all are, we are really not all that different either!) I zeroed in on one particular question today: “What barriers might get in the way of you becoming more physically active or adopting and maintaining an exercise program?”

Here are a couple of the answers below:

“Letting the day get away from me and then being too tired, poor time planning.”

“Fear of injuring myself. I throw my back out regularly due to a weak core. Time as well.”

“Mental attitude.”

“Knowing how to exercise properly.”

“Knowledge of how to exercise properly, time, energy level. Working with a personal trainer will keep me accountable.”

“Setting a schedule and sticking to it. I usually commit to a diet or fitness routine for 6-12 weeks and then quit.”

“Time - I have two young kids and am returning to work at a very demanding job, for which I also travel. Motivation, if I don't work out early enough in the day, it's hard to find the motivation or to prioritize it above other things. Knowledge - I know how to exercise, but my core has felt weak since my second pregnancy, but I am not sure how to work on that.’

“Time, motivation, and energy.”

“Probably energy level, especially after a poor night of sleep.”

“Dedication and motivation.”

“Barriers are mostly in getting started with a program for me- If I haven't started something yet, then I am not yet accountable to it. I am concerned with potentials/unknowns related to a past injury and that frustrations with that may dampen my enthusiasm. My plan to prevent these barriers is to rely on ongoing motivation from small successes with training. I also have a supportive partner.”


“Finding the courage to get out of my own head and just give it a try.”

“Energy level, knowledge, sticking to it.”

“Schedule/time, energy level, money, childcare.”

“The chaos of life with three young children and their commitments, etc. Also, at times I feel exhausted which makes it hard to be consistent.”

After reading all of the responses, I used a tally system to determine the number of times certain themes were repeated. I used this information to determine what the “heavy-hitters'' were for getting in the way of starting and maintaining an exercise program. In order from most common to least common, here is the list:

#1: Lack of TIME


#3: Lack of KNOWLEDGE of how to exercise properly

#4: Inconsistent MOTIVATION


#6: Negative MINDSET/ not believing in oneself

#7: MONEY/ cost

Using this list, I have started building out a new program that will be launching in January 2023. The “Pocket-Sized Fitness” program will address all of the above listed barriers, paying special attention to the top three heavy-hitters. We will be addressing sleep habits, nutrition, cardiorespiratory exercise, strength training, and flexibility. I will (figuratively) be holding your hand every step of the way (holding it daily IRL might be a bit weird…) and making sure that you develop habits that can lead to a lifetime of taking better care of yourself. This program will be offered entirely virtually, so location will not be a barrier to joining. As well, much of the content will be designed to allow you to move at your own pace and fit it into your days at the times that makes most sense for you.

This program is specifically for women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s who are either entirely new to strength training or who have never had any formal instruction. It is for women who want to look and feel their best, but lack of time, lack of energy, or lack of knowledge always seems to get in the way. It is for women who know that it is time to start being the best version of themselves for both themselves and the people that they love. (Mamas, your kiddos are watching your every move whether you like it or not. Be that positive example.) Make 2023 the year that everything changes for you! I am here to support you and make it happen.

Registration for Pocket-Sized Fitness opens mid-November. To make sure that you are one of the first to hear when sign-ups open, shoot me a message with your name and email address and I will add you to my list.


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