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Foundations of Strength Training

        Welcome to the newly redesigned, fully virtual, Foundations of Strength Training Program. This program combines the best of all worlds: direct access to and feedback from your trainer, the support and accountability of a group of women working towards the same goal (via an active Facebook community), AND workouts that you can customize to meet you where you are at + complete on your own time; all with video tutorials included to make them SUPER easy to follow!


        As a Foundations of Strength Training member, you will learn how to easily and joyfully bridge the gap (no matter the size) between where you are now and where you want to be. The Foundations of Strength Training Framework will be your guide to disrupting the old approach (of starting and stopping a variety of fitness programs/methods with little results) and replacing it with an entirely new process for long-lasting change. This program is best suited for women who are either entirely new to strength training or who have had limited strength training experience in the past, but no formal instruction (ex: working with a personal trainer). 


        The system I’ll share with you is not guesswork. I have tested this framework with dozens of women during my 12 years in the fitness industry. By coaching all of these women personally and gathering data week over week, I have been able to refine my processes and create a system that I believe to be the best in the market when it comes to helping women get stronger and develop life-long habits of fitness. This system combines the best fitness methods, habit formation principles, behavior change processes, and lifestyle design initiatives in a way that has not been done before. I look forward to helping you use this system to create your own success! 

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